Wyoming Board of Occupational Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

In regards to supervision of an occupational therapy assistant (OTA or COTA). Supervision is dependent on the level of experience an OTA or COTA is classified. For definitions and the frequency of supervision refer to the Rules & Regulations, Chapter 1, Section 3. Definitions (f) Close Supervision - daily, (i) General Supervision - monthly and (n) Routine Supervision - bi-weekly. The supervision log must be filled out accordingly, however if your facility requires more face-to-face supervision you may also report that on the supervision log.

This applies to both full-time and part-time occupational therapy assistants.

Application Processing Questions:

Do I have to have my license in hand before I can begin practice?

  • You must be approved by the Board and must have received a license number before you can begin practice. You will receive verbal verification that your license has been approved via telephone, and you may begin practice at that time. The Board is happy to fax verification to your employer if they should require proof before you receive the hard copy of your license via regular mail.

How long will it take to get my application approved?

  • Approximately 5-10 days once all supporting documents are received, such as license verifications, NBCOT exam scores.

Does Wyoming have a state OT exam?

  • No, we rely solely on the NBCOT exam.

Does the photo required on the application form have to be a professional, or passport photo?

  • No. It does, however, need to be a current photo.

Can I use my credit card to pay my licensing fees?

  • No. You must submit fees via a money order or cashier’s check.

Can I provide a copy of my NBCOT certificate in place of getting a verification sent to you from the NBCOT?

  • No. In addition to verifying that you were NBCOT certified, we are also looking to see if you are in good standing. Your certificate verifies that you successfully completed the NBCOT exam and that you were in good standing with the NBCOT at the time the certificate was issued. However, it does not indicate if disciplinary information has been received by NBCOT since the date the certificate was issued.

Can I provide a copy of my previous license in place of getting a verification sent to you from the issuing state?

  • No. Your certificate verifies that you were licensed, but it does not verify your standing in that particular state.

Do I need to provide license verification from states that I hold or held a license?

  • Yes, you must request official license verification be sent to the Wyoming Board of Occupational Therapy, we no longer accept on-line verifications. We found that all states do not provide all the information that is needed.

How do I provide reference letters?

  • Letters should be current, and cannot be letters already on file by the applicant. There is no special form or format required. Letters should be sent directly from the person providing the reference to this board. The applicant should never see the letter so that writer may be candid in writing their true thoughts on the applicant’s qualifications. Letters should address the applicant’s character, ability, and professional performance in the practice of occupational therapy, and they must be signed and dated by the writer. The letters can be sent via fax at (307) 777-3314.

Who can submit letters of reference?

  • Letters of reference should preferably come from people in the profession of occupational therapy, however, related fields may also be used. New graduates are encouraged to request letters from their field work supervisors, and they can also use letters from their occupational therapy instructors.

Can I change my references after I have submitted my license application?

  • Yes. You will need to submit the change in writing, indicating which reference you wish to be removed, and provide the information on the new reference you will be using. This information can be faxed to the Board at (307) 777-3314.

Should I contact the Board to check on the status of my application file?

  • Yes. To check on your application status please send an email to maxie.hernandez@wyo.gov or you may call (307)777-7764.

License Renewal Questions:

When will my Wyoming license expire?

  • All licenses expire annually on July 31st.

Does Wyoming require continuing education hours for license renewal?

  • Yes, applicant’s will renew their license annually, on even years, such as 2020, only licensees who are selected for audit will have to provide the verification of completion of thirty-two (32) contact hours of continuing education which were completed in the previous three years. Licensees who do not meet the June 1 deadline will also have to provide verification of thirty-two (32) contact hours of continuing education completed during the previous three (3) years.

Are there specific areas or courses that are required?

  • No, there are no specific areas or courses that are required. Continuing education requirements may be fulfilled through inservice, coursework, conference or workshop attendance, presentation.

What is the difference between Contact Hours, AOTA CEUs & NBCOT PDUs?

  • A Contact Hour = one (1) hour or sixty minutes.
  • .1 AOTA CEUs = one (1) contact hour.
  • 1 .25 NBCOT PDU = one (1) contact hour.

Does the Board pre-approve continuing education classes?

  • No.

Can I use a credit card to pay my renewal fee?

  • No. However, you may submit a personal check instead of the money order or cashier’s check that is required when paying application and license fees.

Why do I have to provide a relevance statement for each class - isn’t that the same as the course description?

  • No, they are not the same. The course description explains what the course covered. The relevance statement should state how you used this particular class to better help you practice occupational therapy in your setting.

Wyoming Practice Questions:

Do I have to have my license in hand before I can begin practice?

  • You must be approved by the Board and must have received a license number before you can begin practice. You will receive email verification that your license has been approved, and you may begin practice at that time.

Is a physician’s order required to provide occupational therapy services in Wyoming?

  • No, a physician’s order is not required to provide services. However, it may be required for third party reimbursements, ie, insurance or Medicare.

Does Wyoming occupational therapy practice allow the use of modalities?

  • The Board takes no position on the use of modalities and does not encourage or discourage their use. The Board’s code of ethics, however, does provide that licensees shall only provide services and use techniques for which they are qualified by education, training or experience.