Wyoming Board of Occupational Therapy

Rules & Statutes

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The Wyoming Board of Occupational Therapy is staffed through the Professional Licensing Boards Office, a division of A&I.
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Below are the Clean & Strike-through versions of the proposed draft rules.

Rules and Regulations

Promulgated by authority under the Occupational Therapy Practice Act,

W.S. 33-40-101 through W.S. 33-40-117

July 2016

Rules and Regulations have been adopted by the Board and filed with the Secretary of State's Office effective August 15, 2018.


Effective August 15, 2018

Licensees are hereby notified that the proposed rules of the Wyoming Board of Occupational Therapy were signed into effect on August 15, 2018.

Licensees should be aware of, and in compliance with, all changes in Rule. Revisions include, but are not limited to the change in the documentation of occupational therapy assistants supervision (Chapter 3. Section 2), continuing education submission, (Chapter 2. Section 3 and 6) fees (Chapter 5), and licensure requirements (Chapter 2).

Here are the summary of comments and the public comments regarding the newly adopted rules.

In regards to supervision of an occupational therapy assistant (OTA or COTA). Supervision is dependent on the level of experience an OTA or COTA is classified. For definitions and the frequency of supervision refer to the Rules & Regulations, Chapter 1, Section 3. Definitions (f) Close Supervision - daily, (i) General Supervision - monthly and (n) Routine Supervision - bi-weekly. The supervision log must be filled out accordingly, however if your facility requires more face-to-face supervision you may also report that on the supervision log.

This applies to both full-time and part-time occupational therapy assistants.


The Occupational Therapy Practice Act, W.S. 33-40-101 through W.S. 33-40-117, July 2016.

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