Board of Occupational Therapy


The Wyoming Board of Occupational Therapy is staffed through the Professional Licensing Boards Office, a division of A&I.

All licenses expire on July 31st annually. In order to continue clinical practice, you are required to renew your license every year.  

If you do not have received your new pocket card by July 31, you must cease practice until your application has been processed.  The Board no longer considers the postmark date for expiration of your license.

Continuing education (CE) must be attested to in even years.  Only those selected for random audit will be required to submit proof of attendance and complete CE Log sheets along with their renewal application and fees.  Your renewal form will indicate if you need to provide the documentation.

Renewal Application

Open the form and download it from the file menu or print the form and complete it.

All renewal applications submitted after June 15 are subject to the late fee and must complete the CE Log Sheet and Relevance Statement found below.

Continuing Education Log Sheet

Continuing Education Log Sheet Example

You only need to submit this if you were notified that you were selected for audit or if you are filing a late renewal after June 15.

Continuing Education Conversions

1 Contact Hour = one (1) hour or sixty minutes.

.1 AOTA CEUs = one (1) contact hour.

1.25 NBCOT Unit (PDU) = one (1) contact hour

For academic courses,

1 semester credit = equals fifteen (15) contact hours 

1 quarter credit = ten (10) contact hours.

If your license is expired and you would like to renew your license please, to request a renewal application please email 

Greg at: