Wyoming Board of Occupational Therapy

Renewal Information

All licenses expire on July 31st annually. This means you will are required to renew your license every year. However, continuing education (CE) is now ONLY due in even years. This year, 2019, is an odd numbered year, you will NOT submit CEs this renewal.

Licensees who's license expired 7/31/2018 you are required to submit a renewal application, fees and sixteen (16) hours of continuing education and the $100.00 late fee. Please refer to the Rules & Regulations, Chapter 5, for current fees. You can renew your license for up to one (1) year after it expires.

Please note as of August 15, 2018 Governor Mead signed the proposed new rules and are effective as of August 15, 2018. There has been a significant change to continuing education submission. Licensees will renew their license annually, however, on even years, such as 2020, only licensees who are selected for audit will have to provide the verification of completion of thirty-two (32) contact hours of continuing education which were completed in the previous three years. Licensees who do not meet the June 1 deadline will also have to provide verification of thirty-two (32) contact hours of continuing education completed during the previous three (3) years.

Please see the complete requirements for continuing education in the Rules & Regulations, Chapter 2, Section 3 and 6.

The Wyoming Board of Occupational Therapy is staffed through the Professional Licensing Boards Office, a division of A&I.

Continuing Education Conversions

1 Contact Hour = one (1) hour or sixty minutes.

.1 AOTA CEUs = one (1) contact hour.

1.25 NBCOT Unit = one (1) contact hour

For academic courses,

1 semester credit = equals fifteen (15) contact hours

1 quarter credit = ten (10) contact hours.