Board of Occupational Therapy


Applications for Licensure:

Processing time for all applications is 5-7 business days, once a complete application is received.

Download the document from the File menu or print and complete the forms below.

If you have recently received your NBCOT Certification and need to apply for your first license you will need to use the:

If you are currently licensed in another state/jurisdiction you will need to use the:

If you have recently graduated from an accredited Occupational Therapy program and are awaiting to sit for the exam or your results, or if you have not practiced occupational therapy for more than five years, you will need to apply for a limited permit. Please use the:

When you are ready to convert your limited permit to full licensure, please use the:

For licensing questions, please contact Amanda Best at or (307) 777-3628.

National Practitioner Data Bank Query

The Board queries the National Practitioner Data Bank when applicants and licensees submit new and renewal applications in order to determine whether any other state has reported an adverse action against a licensed occupational therapist or any healthcare related field. By submitting this application and by remaining licensed with the Board, you agree that the Board may submit these queries and take appropriate disciplinary action based on information these queries reveal.